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1st Glow at work network Masterclass – David Taylor, The Naked Leader.

This past July saw the opening Masterclass of the series of monthly Glow at work network  evenings. It was hosted by Harpal Dhatt, CEO of Glow at Work, and the special guest for the evening, David Taylor.  David is the author of the global best-selling ‘Naked Leader’ books, which makes success no longer a matter of chance, but simply a matter of choice. He is also a  European Business Speaker of the Year;  the Business Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, & the Visiting Professor of Leadership at Warwick Business School.  It was a great success and to provide a first-hand experience of the evening, the rest of this blog is an account by two attendees of this event; Martin Samuel – Specialist Speech & Language Therapist and Junee Sangani – Lead Diabetes Specialist Dietitian:

“The first Glow at work Masterclass was held on the 12th July at the beautifully historic Queens Club, London. The event was organised and hosted by Harpal Dhatt; Occupational Psychologist and Chief Executive of Glow at work.  We both had the pleasure of meeting Harpal after being accepted onto the NHS Leadership Empowerment Programme. This is a series of workshops designed to inspire, empower and improve one’s personal insight into career progression, self-development and so much more!

When we heard that Harpal was due to run a series of masterclasses we were immediately interested, as the speakers she had organised for the Leadership Empowerment Programme were very informative and insightful.  We also felt that the masterclasses would be a great extension to what we had already learnt from the Leadership Empowerment Programme and of course a great networking opportunity!

As always, the event exceeded our expectations. Initially we had some time to mingle, we were greeted with both new and familiar faces giving us a chance to re-connect or meet new people.  The guest speaker David Taylor was delightful!  David’s workshop entitled the ‘The Naked Leader-Formula for Guaranteed Success & Leadership secrets’ was extremely inspirational and thought provoking.  David was able to highlight why many people do not reach their potential by linking various aspects of development, fear and inertia with leadership without being concerned with any particular definition.  He also provided many innovative ways of improving confidence and effectively leading a team.  The evening was a whirlwind of facts, information, honest opinions (truly held, not just saying what someone wants to hear) and lots of engaging with the audience.

The key things that we promised to implement following the masterclass were:

  • To focus on what you want, as opposed to what you do not want and planning how to get it.
  • Be aware of the power of your unconscious mind to make your dreams come true.  “When you believe something is true in your conscious mind, then your sub-conscious mind makes it true”.
  • Think about building trust within your team by being a great role model to the team.
  • Remember to use the rule of 3! Our brains remember 3’s. If you are trying to influence somebody, put the option you want them to take third.

We think we speak on behalf of all that attended by saying a big thank you to Harpal and David for enlightening us and making it an evening to remember. We look forward to attending future Glow at Work masterclasses.”

See a running tweet commentary of the Masterclass on storify by Emma Langman from the Progression Partnership:

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