A day in the life of Harpal Dhatt founder of Glow at Work- 24th March 2015

A day in the life of Harpal Dhatt, founder of Glow at Work, is a new weekly blog on a particular day in the week or exploration of an area of interest.

Tuesday 24th March 2015-

This was the day when I had the inspiration to start a weekly blog, capturing one of my days each week.  It was a busy day with 3 meetings, volunteering and an evening Google Hangout.  On days like these I begin the day thinking about an intention for the day.  On this day I chose to practice being present with all the people I was meeting.

My first meeting was with Eamon Tuhami, founder of an app called ‘Motivii’ that quantifies motivation at work.  I was sharing with him some of my highlights from my San Francisco and Las Vegas trip.  He asked me what was the best thing from my trip and I said I did not know there were so many things.  He pushed me to choose one.  I recalled my day in downtown Las Vegas as my most recent wow day (to be shared in a separate blog).  I visited Catalyst Events, met the CEO of the downtown project, went on a tour of Zappos and Turntable health, followed by a Design & Dine workshop.  Eamon said what are you going to do with all this information, again I was not sure.  He looks at me and see so much potential and thinks I could be doing a lot more than I am.  He gave me a well deserved push into some action.  I recall him saying “you have done enough consuming, now you need to produce.”  This sentence remained with me as something to focus on. Going forward I wanted to think each week about 3 things I am going to focus on and use a timer to work 90 minutes a day on this.  I am grateful to Eamon taking the time to challenge me and be honest with me and give me some guidance.  I last met with him early January and since this time he has produced lots of things, a prototype app and short video on the app.  Just before I met him in the toilet in the cafe I got a lot of inspiration from the pictures on the wall and wanted to take a photo.  This gave me the idea for my first idea of starting to produce.  I wanted to take 1 photo a day for a year on what inspired me and what I am grateful for. Hence #365insgrat was born and started on instagram @HarpalDhatt.

On my way to my next meeting reflecting on what my purpose is and what I should be doing or am doing, I checked my email and saw this message –

“ How are you? You came through my mind so thought Id drop you a line. I just wanted to thank you again for really changing my life the skills you taught on the course were beyond invaluable.”

This brought joy to me and was very nice to receive from someone on the LEAP programme I deliver in the National Health Service (NHS).  I thought yes this is one of the highlights of the work I do.  I get to enable people to make real changes in their life and this is something that is satisfying to me and gives me job satisfaction.  I want to be able to help lots more people realise their potential by delivering the LEAP programme in a lot more NHS organisations.


My next visit was to the Canvas cafe, London’s first happy cafe.  I had arranged an impromptu meetup with Kay Gillard as part of my role as the London Liaison lead for Wisdompreneurs.  Wisdompreneurs is a global organisation of transformational leaders that are co-creating a new economy and creating vibrant lives through the power of combining wisdom with entrepreneurship.  We discussed the Facebook group for Wisdompreneurs which has 5,000 members and started about 2 years ago.  The group is a place that some people use for support in their work, to ask questions, give advice and share their offerings.  We both discussed the London meetup group and explored how to shape it going forward.  Together we created a new idea for the meetup around a monthly co-working meetup where we could be productive alone and together.   London Wisdompreneur Meetup

Rushing from this meeting to mindfully make my way to my weekly volunteering at the Terrence Higgins Charity Shop in Pimlico called ‘Boutique’.  I have been volunteering for nearly a year, once a week for half a day.   I started to do this because I had time to offer and I wanted to engage with a cross section of people and reduce my ego and develop humility.  This is one way I get to do this.  Over the time I have been there I feel like the shop offers a community to the local residents, where you see regular faces and build relationships.  In some ways I find that when you give to others, you actually end up receiving so much more.

10498595_384841935029601_976962041739695659_oAfter this I had arranged my second impromptu meeting for Wisdompreneuers with Elmar Kruithoff from Denmark who was in London on a training course on conflict.  He is founder of the Focusing Centre, where he helps people to deal with conflicts in their relationships and with themselves.  Again we discussed the Wisdompreneur Facebook group and our work, and we explored how to develop the products we offer and how to market them.  I encouraged Elmar to think about how he can maybe be a Wisdompreneur lead in Denmark and we discussed ways to use technology to stay connected and support each other.

By the time we had finished our dinner meeting it was too late for me to get home for my 8pm Wisdom 2.0 Global meditation Hangout.  So I decided it was best to find a place with good wi-fi instead so that I could participate.  I prefer to be at home and comfortable in my own space.  However, on this occasion I went to a Pret cafe in Victoria and struggled to get online to join the Hangout in time.  I made it ten minutes later and had to accept the situation and go with the flow.  Now I can say I have meditated in a Pret.  Oskar Fassler was guiding the meditation from Berlin for all of us.  I had the idea after the Wisdom 2.0 conference in Feb 2014 to start an online community where we could stay connected globally and practice together for an hour of meditation once a month.  The first Hangout was in June 2014 and there have been seven more since then.  At this Hangout we had 2 people in San Francisco, one in LA, Berlin and 2 people from England.


It is lovely to be able to engage globally in this way and develop our practice together, and have confidence to guide the meditations.  The next one is on the 21st April if you want to join us Google Hangout  Afterwards some of us ended up having an informal chat about our work and it was 10pm and I was ready to go home.  What a day!  A great day.

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