Glow at work is a Business Psychology consultancy, which specialises in unleashing talent and potential. Through a tailored approach, Glow at work provides bespoke solutions to enable individuals, teams and organisations to thrive. We are very passionate about motivating employees in the workplace, and helping them realise their career goals. This is all achieved via workshops and award winning coaching included in the Leadership Empowerment Programme.

As movers and shakers within this industry, we are very proud to have established a series of ‘Glow at work Masterclasses’. Each Masterclass focusses on a separate theme within business psychology, and is led by Harpal Dhatt, CEO of Glow at work and an expert within each particular topic area. Hosted at the prestigious Queen’s club, London, it is a great opportunity to network, discover keys to success and take a step towards self-improvement. Check out the line-up for the Masterclass events occurring every month, which we’re truly excited about: http://www.glowatwork.com/images/glowatworknetworkmasterclasses.pdf.

This blog aims to provide overviews of each of the Masterclasses, from unique perspectives of those who have attended. So, for those who are unfortunate enough to miss out, you can stay up to date with the blog for a sampler of the Masterclasss events. Case studies of success stories from clients of Glow at work will also be published here. And of course, the latest news and info from Glow at work, as well as the latest research relevant to ‘glowing’ at work will also be shared here. Enjoy, and please feel free to post comments, we look forward to them.

Keep glowing,
The Glow at work team.

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